Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

I am delighted for everyone who is reading my blog right now, or who will be reading it in the future. Creating a blog is something that I have wanted to do for a while now, ever since I started reading blogs a couple of years ago. I started off reading mainly political blogs, but as I got into my studies in Education, I started reading more blogs by teachers and education policy experts. I hope this blog will be a good mix of both education and politics, as well as other areas that interest me. More on that in my next post.

First, I would like to give some background information on myself. As the blog name indicates, I am a Missourian: born, raised, and still a resident. I have attended two colleges, one where I received a degree in Political Science, and the other where I am currently pursing state certification in Special Education. I attained the Political Science degree because politics has always been a great passion of mine. So why a Special Education teacher? I have many reasons for pursuing this career: some practical, but mainly personal. Not only have I worked with special education children before (and felt a deep sense of accomplishment because of it), but I also have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and lived my entire life as a special education student. I know what it is like to be in the shoes of students who need extra help in order to achieve their full potential in school. Simply, I want to help be their guide in reaching that potential.

Some other pieces of information on me:

Politics: While I always try to keep an open mind to politics and policy , I personally am pretty liberal, with some libertarianism on personal issues. Despite my strong liberalism, I am a registered independent, and don‘t plan on joining a party anytime soon.

Religion: While I belong to a mainline Protestant church, I would more appropriately be described as a “Unitarian Christian” based upon my own personal beliefs.

Sports: While I am not a sports fanatic, I am a fan. This is especially true for the St. Louis Cardinals in baseball and the Missouri Tigers in football.

Also: I am a news junkie, I am a BIG movie buff, I enjoy almost all types of music, I love almost anything that is on either HBO or Comedy Central, and I love my girlfriend very much!!!

There is lots of other information I could share about myself but won't. This is because I posting on this blog anonymously, and need to limit the details of my life to a certain extent. As a future teacher, I do not want any comments I have maid to come back and, well, bite me in the ass (many parents, students, and administrators know how to Google). I want to be as open and honest about my beliefs, and I want the exchange of ideas between me and other readers to be as free as possible. I will give details about my life here and there as I deem appropriate, and I do not rule out the possibility that one day, I may decide to reveal my identity. Until that day, call me Mr. S.

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