Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm back . . . again.

So it has been almost a year since I have even touched this website. The simple matter was that I was too busy and really thought I would never get a chance to create new posts (I'll explain in my next post). I originally decided I would give up on this whole blog. But then today, I read an article in The Atlantic Monthly by Andrew Sullivan (my favorite political blogger) on blogging. Right then and there, it inspired me to take it up again.

Make no mistake, this is a very impulsive decision of mine. Perhaps this is partially because, as someone who has ADD, impulsiveness is a major characteristic. But as someone who watches the events of the world unfold on a daily basis, I cannot help but feel the need to speak my voice. Self-fulfilling as my motives may seem, I am still genuinely interested in contributing a variety of ideas (not just my own) to the public discourse. Yes, this is an impulsive decision, but as Andrew states in his article, the impulsiveness itself of blogging is part of what makes it so wonderful:

"[Blogging] is the spontaneous expression of instant thought—impermanent beyond even the ephemera of daily journalism. It is accountable in immediate and unavoidable ways to readers and other bloggers, and linked via hypertext to continuously multiplying references and sources. Unlike any single piece of print journalism, its borders are extremely porous and its truth inherently transitory. The consequences of this for the act of writing are still sinking in. "

As it always has, this blog will still focus primarily on education and education-related issues. But it will also focus on politics, current events, philosophy, religion, movies, sports . . . well pretty much anything of interest that comes to me. For what the (un)Reasonable Missourian is about, read this post I first put up when I started this blog. It is a bit lengthy for a blog post, but I still stand by it.

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